About Us

Men in Business and Tourism is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered under the Companies Act, 2019 (ACT 992)

To work on non-profit ventures with the main aim of developing and promoting tourism in Ghana and beyond. One out of every ten employees in the world is employed in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no coordinated effort to get more men into the tourism and hospitality sector. We seek to bring men together to harness the investment opportunities in this sector to create decent jobs for the teeming youth. We seek to do so by collaborating with your institution in achieving the under listed objectives

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Our Services

Below are our prestigious services that are focused on giving you a whole new experience!

Business & Tourism Advisory Services and Training

We have a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who are ever ready to offer you the best advisory services tailored to suit your needs.

Tourists Trips with Accomodations

We have the expertise in handling tourism services for clients who desire a comfortable yet very affordable accommodation to meet their pockets for both local and international tourism destinations.

Cultural & Educational Exchange Programs

We have a wide range of exchange programme opportunities locally and internationally. Your search ends with us. It is time to make that move! Contact us now!

Tourism Business Fairs & Conferences, Exhibitions of Tourists Products & Services

We have the expertise of blending business with pleasure with a two-way benefit by rewarding your rest with business opportunities.

Summer Boot Camping

Due to our strong network of team players in the industry, we are capable of organizing bootcamps both locally and internationally.

Job Recruitment

We have managed to earn the requisite credibility to source jobs in the business community for all job seekers both locally and internationally. Why keep hustling looking for a job? It is time to turn to us, and we will definitely put a smile on your face.

A Light Wind Swept Over The Corn, And All Nature Laughed In The Sunshine.

E X P L O R E & E X P E R I E N C E G H A N A


Monkey Sanctuaries

Ghana is blessed with two monkey sanctuaries where monkeys freely and harmlessly mingle with humans without being threatened.

Paga Crocodile Pond

This is an amazing sight to see. This pond is notable for crawling with large crocodiles that can be friendly and harmless if fed with live chicken.

Mole Park

This is a beautiful Safari Park in the northern part of the country. This park is loaded with fascinating birds, elephants and other wild-life species.

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